Neuropsychological Assessment

KBASE Neuropsychological Assessment

All KBASE subjects were given a comprehensive neuropsychological assessment battery, administered by clinical neuropsychologists or trained psychometrists, according to a standardized protocol incorporating the CERAD-K neuropsychological battery.
KBASE cognitive measures as follows:

Mini Mental Status Examination–KC (MMSE-KC)

CERAD-K verbal memory test

CERAD-K constructional praxis

CERAD-K nonverbal memory delayed recall

Trail Making Test A and B, Stroop test (Korean Golden version)

Verbal Fluency Tasks (both semantic and phonemic)

CERAD-K confrontational naming test (Modified Korean version of the Boston Naming Test)

Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale-Revised edition Korean version (WAIS-R-K) Digit Span (forward and backward)

Wechsler Memory Scale-Fourth edition Korean version (WMS-IV-K) Logical Memory I, II and Recognition (both stories)

Rey-Osterrrieth Complex Figure Test (ROCF)

Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale-Fourth edition Korean version (WAIS-IV-K) Block Design

Korean Adult Reading Test (KART)